Their morphology is obtained from 3 square modules which are repeated to establish 3 types of leases inside the same restaurant. They are communicated in short by means of vain completely independent of the structure in order to give nimbleness and articulation to the architectural composition.
The used enclosure lacks of architectural barriers in order to achieve the permeability of the project and the integration with the environment. They use only single paths in stone that which mark the perimeter of the whole restaurant, and they also work as circulation channels for the waters rains.
The used structure, it is designed in such a way that it can support the wide lights of the module, with the minimum of columns. For this reason they think about wooden columns of 4 piles for each one and the beams are duplicated and they are in an x- shape inside each module.
The materials are related with the natural environment. They use the wood for the structure, rustic frieze for walls and flat tile of sandstone for the covers.